Bird-X Broadband Pro

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The BroadBand Pro can be programmed to emit up to eight Sonic sounds at specific or randomised intervals. The sounds can be natural bird distress signals, warning calls, predator cries or harassment sounds.
Birds immediately consider the area as a danger zone and want to keep away.
The volume output is adjustable.
Ultrasonic harassment sounds (virtually inaudible to humans) are emitted from the speakers during the time interval when sonic sound is absent. 

  • Unit comes complete with four speakers with 30 metres of cable and 240 volt plug pack.
  • Includes sound card socket for using custom sound chips.
  • Four extra speakers can be added for additional coverage.
  • Ultrasonic Coverage - up to 600 square metres (indoors)
  • Audible sound coverage - 1 to 2.4 hectares depending on the layout
  • Dimensions: Control Unit 225mm x 225mm x 125mm;
  • Speakers 100mm x 100mm x 150mm
  • Power Requirements:  12 volt.
  • Comes with 240 volt plug pack (Optional Solar Panel available)
  • Sound Pressure: Ultrasonic sounds:  95 - 105dB (per speaker)@ 1m
  • Sonic sounds:  105-120dB (each speaker) @ 1m
  • Frequency:  Ultrasonic 16-23 kHz, Sonic 3-5 kHz
  • Warranty:  Six months on parts & labour
  • Made in USA.