Algae & Vegetation Control

Go Natural with pond algae & aquatic plant control!

Do you want a pond like this?

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We offer many different solutions for algae and vegetation control including Aeration, Grass Carp, Mute Swans and Pond Dye. View these different solutions below.

Pond Aeration

Pond aeration has many benefits. There are a couple different methods of pond aeration, fountain aeration and bottom pond aeration.
Fountains are a great decorative option, they will aerate the first few feet of the water it's in.
A deep pond aerator is placed at the bottom of a pond, this type of aerator (if properly sized) will aerate the entire pond by turning it over 2-3 times per day.
Aeration reduces pond muck, fish kill, fish stress, aquatic weeds & moss, algae bloom, and pond smell.

Other great benefits of pond aeration:
  • Promotion of fish health & growth
  • Elimination of the Thermocline layer separating warm and cold water in the pond
  • Low-cost operation of about 50¢ or $1 per day compared herbicides & algaecides that cost thousands of dollars per year

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White Amur (Triploid Grasscarp)

White Amur (also known as Grass Carp) will eat 5 pounds of aquatic plants every day. Along with the aquatic weeds & plants they will also eat cattails! White Amur are incredibly hardy fish that can handle warm and cold water. These fish are a great, cost-effective solution to control aquatic weeds and keep your pond looking clean.

Recommended stocking info:
Stock 5-20 per acre - depending on the amount of aquatic weeds in your pond.
Stocking should be done when the water is 80 degrees or lower

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Mute Swan

Mute Swans are voracious eaters and are some of the best natural moss and algae control; adults will consume 8 pounds of aquatic vegetation per day. They are decorative birds and are considered the "Royal Bird" in England.

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Pond & Lake Dye

Blue Pond Dye stops the Sun's UV rays from shinning into the water, preventing out-of-control moss and algae growth. It works like window tint on your car windows, protecting everything inside! Our Blue pond dye is non toxic, protecting the fish and pond's ecosystem.

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