Bird-X Super BirdXPeller - Package

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The Super BirdXPeller PRO uses natural bird sounds to create a "danger zone" that frightens infesting birds away.

The sounds can be natural bird distress signals, warning calls, predator cries or harassment sounds. The birds immediately consider the area as a danger zone and want to keep away.

    This package includes:
  • Super BirdXPeller Pro unit with a replaceable sound chip socket, so you can use other sound chips for variation.
  • 4 x Extension Speakers - use up to 2 more extension speakers to increase coverage
  • Each speaker comes with 30m of cable.
  • Post mounting brackets
  • Battery leads to run off a 12V battery
  • Standard USA sound chip
  • FREE - Pestgard's customised sound chip to effectively target specific pest birds in your situation, please advise the bird species and application when you order.

Special Features:

  • Protects up 2.4 hectares or up to 3.6 hectares with 2 extra - optional extension speakers
  • Comes with bird sound chip to target specific birds.
  • Can be mounted to a post or set up on a small trailer
  • Eight sounds
  • Day or night or 24 hour activation options
  • Adjustable volume
  • Specific or randomized intervals

The easy way to protect vineyards, orchards and other crop areas from birds and increase your crop yields and revenue.