Birdzout Auto Laser 500

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The Birdzout Auto Laser 500 bird scare laser, automatically covers an area from a central point or to one side of an area. These lasers pan and tilt over an area which is set as required. A cost effective way of deterring birds from large areas.

Birdzout Auto Laser 500 Key Features:

  • High quality, class 3B laser
  • 350 degree rotation with pan and tilt.
  • 80 preset point positions
  • Sequence or random run settings
  • Weatherproof - IP65 rating
  • Laser distance in sunlight: up to 250m*
  • Area covered: up to 15 hectares in daylight*
  • NOHD (Nominal Ocular Hazard Distance): 227 metres

*Laser coverage is dependent on the light conditions (coverage is greater in low light and at night)size and shape of the area that needs to be covered, height the laser is mounted above the area, type of area and bird pressureAsk us for advice on the best way to protect your assets from birds using lasers.

Package includes: Auto laser unit, settings controller with keypad and joystick, power supplies for mains and 12v. Optional mounting tripod, solar kit and batteries available separately.