Birdzout Bye Bye Birdie Dual

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The Bye-Bye Birdie Dual works by creating invisible magnetic fields.
This confuses birds, as they depend on the earths magnetic field for determining their sense of direction.
Birds simply avoid the disturbed area.

Sold in pairs with magnets of opposing polarity.

  • safe for birds, pets, people & the environment.
  • does not scare, trap or injure birds.
  • uses no electrical power, so it costs nothing to operate
  • needs no maintenance.
  • is very compact & very easy to install (just hang up!).
  • magnetic force doesn't disturb electric waves.

Not your average magnet.
Using a special patented magnetic system, the Bye Bye Birdie emits 2000 gauss magnetic field which disturbs the geometric field (2 gauss). The difference confuses birds which depend on geomagnetic field for determining their sense of direction and positioning.

(Nature Science Update: September 12, 1996 from publication entitled "Nature", indicates that birds are able to "sense" magnetism.)