Birdzout Gel - 300G Cartridge X36

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Simply apply this paste to the area where birds are perching or roosting, and they will no longer want to land there.
Excellent for deterring sparrows, starlings and other birds.

Great for use on: gutter edges, roof ridges, window sills, rafters, ledges and other bird roosting spots.
Easy to use - simple and cost effective bird deterrent.

How this works?

The gel creates a very sticky and uncomfortable surface that is unbearable to most birds, and tastes awful when they try to peck it off.

- Simple application with caulking gun
- 300 gram tube contains approx 3.5 - 7 lineal metres (depending on the size of the bead).
- Paste will last for approximately 12 months (depending on application and dust and residue in the area)
- The polybutene based product is harmless but not recommended for areas used to collect drinking water.

Top quality product, made in the USA.

Pack of 36 x 300g cartridges.