Birdzout Outdoor Laser

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Automatic, outdoor laser bird scarer, uses red and green laser beams to deter birds - particularly in low light conditions.
Similar to the popular BirdChase Laser but in a IP65 rated waterproof housing for use outside.

Uses include deterring birds from, boats, marinas, rooftops, gardens, ponds, patios and other outdoor areas.
Can also be used inside buildings or under canopies to deter birds from common roosting areas.

Ideal for deterring seagulls and other birds, which are a nuisance roosting in areas at night.
Deter ducks and geese from ponds, lawns and other similar areas.

  • Power usage: 10 watts
  • Laser classification - 3R (avoid direct eye exposure)
  • Includes remote control with a range of approximately 25m
  • Switch - on / off with the remote
  • Timer control on with remote - 2, 4, 6 & 8 hours.
  • Coverage is out to a maximum of 300m in dark conditions.

Combine with a sound deterrent - for even greater success in deterring birds.