Birdzout Prowler Owl

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Scare birds with an amazing replica of a fearsome predator!

The Prowler Owl is the most-feared aerial predator. Natural instinct warns birds and other small pests to keep away.

Special Features:

  • Tough Iron Hide wings use airfoil technology to move in the wind
  • Frighten's most birds & rodents
  • Real life-sized with accurate body markings
  • 900mm wingspan
  • Can be mounted on a pole or hung off a line
  • Styled so it appears to be in the hunting position
  • Approximately 550 square metres coverage
  • Constant movement - birds don't get accustomed to it

Ideal for:
Pigeons, sparrows, starlings, blackbirds, seagulls, swallows, rodents, rabbits and other small animals and critters

Parks, gardens, yards, fields, rooftops, golf courses, marinas, trees, other open areas

Ideally suited for where there is a natural breeze.