Birdzout Shock Tape - 16 Metre Roll

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  • 16 metre roll of birdzout shock tape.

    Birdzout shock tape is one of the most effective ways to deter birds from common perch and landing areas. This tape incorporates 2 aluminium strips. When these are connected to an energiser and birds stand on these, they receive a harmless but startling shock that causes them to flee the area. Birdzout Shock tape is one of the most effective bird deterrents as it is impossible for birds to become accustomed to it. Once birds experience shock tape they immediately flee the area, they don’t try and adapt to it or work around it. Once installed shock tape is transparent, low profile and almost invisible. This makes it ideal for areas where aesthetics are important.

    Birdzout shock tape includes a strong adhesive backing. This is ideal for use on non-porous surfaces. For porous surfaces we recommend also using a suitable exterior adhesive.
    It is UV resistant and has proven to last a number of years in full sunlight.

    Flexible and easy to install.