Concrete Pond Docks

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These cement precast pond docks are an essential part of your pond or lake. Docks provide a lot of fun and practicality, making your water more enjoyable and accessible. For a more custom look, these docks can be acid stained to any color of your liking. These docks will last the life time of your pond, unlike other dock materials.

Say goodbye to Dock Maintenance! Once the dock is installed, they will be hassle free and will look great for many years.


Standard size: 4' x 10' (qty 1 dock top, qty 3 interlocking blocks, 7,300lbs total)

Double wide: 8' x 10' (qty 2 dock tops, qty 3 interlocking wide blocks, 11,600lbs total)

Double long: 4' x 20' (qty 2 dock tops, qty 6 interlocking blocks, 14,600lbs total)

Double Double!8' x 20' (qty 4 dock tops, qty 6 interlocking wide blocks, 23,200lbs total)

*Prices are for local pickup from the fish farm in Beaver, UT 84713. Call to coordinate freight delivery and cost. Installation is not provided by Sunfish Fish Farms*

The interlocking blocks have a raised hump on top. There are two methods for installation, either place the dock tops over the humps, or spend 5 minutes with a jackhammer and chip off the hump for a cleaner and more level look. Make sure to use one block buried in the bank for the start of the dock, skipping this step will cause the dock to gradually sink into the ground over time. Heavy equipment such as a backhoe, loader or excavator is required for the on site installation of these precast concrete parts, the heaviest blocks weigh up to 2500lbs each. For deeper ponds, individual blocks, as well as dock tops can be purchased to accommodate such circumstances. Contact us for more info.