Lily Pads - 6 Pack

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Lily Pads® 6-Pack

Creates Fishing "Honey Holes" - Natural Lily Pad Design Floats on Surface of Pond or Lake & Creates Shade for Bass and other Sportfish

Key Features

Top Water Fish Attractant

  • Natural Lily Pad Design Floats on Surface
  • Creates Shade that Attracts Bass and other Sport Fish
  • Snag-free Fishing-friendly Design
  • UV Protected - Eco-Friendly Material
  • Helps Eliminate Need to Control Invasive Plants
  • Marine Bungee Cord Adjusts to Fluctuating Water Levels
  • Quick & Easy Installation - No Tools Required
  • Made in America
  • Surface Area of Each: 4.4 Square Feet (6-pack 26.4 Square Feet)


    • Package Includes:
    • 4 Solid Lily Pads
    • 2 V-cut Lily Pads
    • 6 Marine Bungee Anchor Cords (Adjusts to water fluctuations)
    • 6 Snag Free Tubes for Anchor Cord
    • BONUS: Booyah Pad Crasher Jr. Top Water Fishing Lure!

    **What You'll Need: 6 Half Cinderblocks for Anchoring**