Hybrid Bluegill

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Easiest fish for kids to catch. You can catch and release these Hybrid Bluegills several times.

These fish have larger mouths than a typical Bluegill, they eat a lot and grow fast. Their fastest growth spurt is from ages 1 to 4. They need plenty of food!

These Hybrids easily adapt to different foods, they can transition from pellets to invertebrates quickly.

90% of these fish are male. Our Hybrid Bluegills are cross-bred with a Green Sunfish. they do well in several different types of water quality and conditions. They are the best fish for Aquaponics systems and children's fishing events.

Hybrid Bluegill Facts

 Species scientific name: Lepomis macrochirus x Lepomis microlophus
 Average Life: 4-8 years
 Largest on Record: 4 pounds, 12 ounces, 15" long x 18 and 1/4" girth
 Diet: Invertebrates, Small Aquatic Insects, and very small Fish.