Ice Melt Tubing (50' - 125')

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1/2" Ice Melt Tubing

Want to keep an area free and clear of ice, then our ice melt tubing is just the thing! This tubing has slits every 24" and is designed to push warm water from the bottom to the surface to prevent ice from freezing. Ice formation can cause structural damage to boats, docks, pilings and anything else in the water. The water at the bottom of a pond or lake continually absorbs heat from the ground below. Using ice melt tubing or aeration diffusers we can move this bottom water to the surface, keeping it from freezing.

This tubing will work with a windmill aeration system but is better when used with an electric aerator for constant 24/7 movement.

This is self-weighted tubing that has aeration slits to give you more air spread out over a much bigger area. We can get you lengths from 50' to 500'.