Mute Swan - Moss and Algae Control

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What benefits do Mute Swans provide pond owners?

Mute Swans:

  • are voracious eaters and are some of the best natural moss and algae control; adults will consume 8 pounds of aquatic vegetation per day
  • are the second largest waterfowl species and can weigh 25-30 pounds
  • can live 20-30 years  
  • are not very vocal, but will hiss, grunt, and snort if they feel threatened
  • are native to Europe and western North America and found worldwide
  • are considered the “Royal Bird” in England; all unmarked birds are property of the Queen 

Other Interesting Facts:

  • 6,000 year old Mute Swan fossils have been found around the world
  • Mute Swan fossils have been found in California, Arizona, Idaho, and Oregon
  • The timeline runs from the Miocene to the late Pleistocene, or 10,000 BP
  • Fossils from the Pleistocene include Cygnus paloregonus from Fossil Lake, Oregon, Froman’s Ferry, Idaho, and Arizona
  • The most recent find was in Anza Borrego Desert, a state park in California


  • One single Mute Swan - $2000
  • One Pair of Mute Swans - $3000