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Koi fish bring any pond to life with their bright colors and fun personalities. With the average life span being close to 50 years, you will enjoy their company for a long time. 

Koi (Nishikigoi) are colored varieties of Amur carp. They originated from systematic breeding, which began in Niigata, Japan in the early 1800s and has since spread across the world. Collecting Koi has become a social hobby, many Koi exported from Niigata have sold for very high prices, one fish even sold for $2 million!

We offer multiple sizes of Pond Koi ranging from 4" to 15" in length, and from $110 to $460 each.

We also offer Premium Trophy Koi, these range from $800 to $12,000 each.

**How we raise our Koi**

Our Koi are raised in mud ponds. When they are removed they will go through 2 High Salinity salt treatment baths in quarantine tanks. They will be inspected, sized, graded and then placed in holding tanks. Our holding tanks are apart of our greenhouse RAS system which includes a 3 million gallon recirculation system. The Koi are kept in high saltwater which is metered daily. The salt we use comes from an underground petrified seam 7,000 feet deep, and several million years old. This helps our Koi produce slime on their outer body for safe transportation to your pond or aquarium! 

Take your Koi pond to the next level by stocking a few of our White Sturgeons and Albino Channel Catfish, this will help revitalize your Koi pond. Your friends and family will be amazed to see these incredible fish enjoying life in your pond!



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