Pestgard Cage Trap - Pro Version

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  • Professional cage trap for live capture of animals and pests. An excellent cat trap, possum trap, animal trap and pest trap for humane live capture of most animals.

    Now in black dual coating. The traps are formed from zinc plated steel mesh then powder coated for double protection against rust.

    Will trap most animals that will enter the trap including:

    • Cats
    • Possums
    • Ferrets
    • Stoats
    • Rabbits
    • Hedgehogs
    • Rats
    • Larger Birds

    Large size - 770mm x 310mm x 310mm
    Weighs approximately 6kg

    This is a fixed cage trap, no assembly required. Very easy to set and use.
    Simply place the appropriate bait at the end of the trap. Animals entering the trap stand on the trip mechanism, closing the door behind them.
    A small mesh size, along with a strong door locking system, prevents escape of the trapped animal.
    Strong and robust for everyday or professional use.

    Start trapping today with this quality trap.