Pestgard Leg Hold Traps

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Top quality, strong but lightweight, leg hold traps, designed for the professional NZ hunter.
These are Pestgard #1 type possum leg hold traps.

Suitable for Possums, Rabbits, Ferrets, Stoats and Feral Cats

Also available in cartons of 50 - view here

Read our possum trapping tips for advice on how to trap possums.

Special Features:

  • Main frame is riveted together, not spot welded
  • Footplate is mig-welded, not spot welded
  • 450mm long chain with ring on the end
  • The two springs have 7 coils (not 6) to prevent any escapes and are noticeably stronger than some other traps being sold
  • A nyloc nut is fitted to the plate pivot screw so it doesn't rattle off and get lost
  • Weighs only 360 grams so easily transported in a backpack
  • Made from quality steel and zinc coated to prevent rusting
  • The shiny zinc helps to attract inquisitive possums and also makes traps more visible to reduce the number lost
  • Perfect for possum fur and skin collection, and also standard possum trapping & monitoring

These traps are fully compliant with MAF & Bio-security regulations for No. 1 leg hold traps. Don’t get caught with illegal traps!