Pestgard Magpie Bird & Animal Trap

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Magpie, bird and animal trap.
A simple and effective way to trap: Magpies, mynas, pigeons, ducks, pukeko, rabbits, stoats, ferrets, rats and most other birds and small animals that will enter the trap.
Safe and humane - live capture.

Special features:
  • Easy to set and use.
  • Double coated for superior rust protection (the trap is made from zinc coated steel then powder coated for extra protection).
  • Green powder coating makes the trap easy to camouflage, great for trap shy animals like rabbits.
  • Double acting trip mechanism, the trap will activate no matter which side of the trip plate the magpie, bird or animal lands on.
  • Large removable mirror, great for helping to trap inquisitive magpies and other birds. Easy to remove for cleaning, or for trapping pests that do not require the mirror.
  • Sensitive trip mechanism, will trap small birds like sparrows, as well as small rats.
  • Locking door system and a small 25mm mesh size, prevents escape of the trapped magpie, bird or animal.
  • Dimensions: 500mm long x 280mm wide x 280mm high (not including door rails).

Use a suitable food bait to lure the target bird or animal into the trap.

These traps work well in pairs, particularly when trapping magpies.