Powertech Portable Power Station - 12V - 50AH Solar & Battery Package

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A complete 12 volt power supply - portable power station.
The Powertech solar and battery packages are portable power supplies suitable for powering a variety of DC power devices including:

  • Bird control equipment
  • DC Lighting & other devices
  • Camping equipment
  • In recreational vehicles
  • Electric fencing

This solar package is suitable for maintaining power to devices with a maximum daily current draw of 10 amp hours (at 12 volts / or 120 watt hours) during winter; and up to 24 amp hours (at 12 volts / or 288 watt hours) during summer. (Providing the solar panel is mounted in a good North facing position.)

The battery can be recharged manually with a battery charger if required.

Package includes:
  • 120 watt solar panel with 10 amp charge controller and 3 metre lead
  • Battery enclosure
  • Digital timer in weatherproof enclosure, to control run time of a 12v device
  • 50ah / 12v Deep Cycle Gel Battery (600Wh)
  • Leads with quick attach connectors
  • 2m DC lead for 12v device.


  • Portable
  • 2 anderson socket connections - solar in - 12v out
  • Battery protection circuit to prevent over-discharge
  • Easy plugin in connectors for ease of installation

Package is assembled in NZ from imported components.

Please note: the solar panel and charge controller are IP67 rated and are suited to use in most weather conditions. The battery enclosure is not IP rated and while it can be used in outdoor environments should be sheltered from direct rain or moisture.