Purivox Carousel - Remote Controlled

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The carousel is a self-rotating, electronic banger which is set up on a tripod.  

Each bang managed by remote control is fired into a different direction which confuses pests and scares them away

Special Features:

  • Protects areas of between 4 and 25 hectares
  • Ideal for airports
  • Each shot is fired into a different direction, which confuses the birds
  • Can be set to fire from one to four times per activation
  • Standard height of 2.1m
  • Controller has a range of up to 5km
  • Tripod is extendable to give addition height
  • Some pests are driven away merely by the rotating movement
  • With one remote controller, it is possible to control up to 90 units and 10 groups of units
  • Includes top quality battery - ok in heavy frost areas
  • With solar panel - to automatically charge battery
  • 12 month warranty
  • Made in Germany

(Gas bottle not included - uses standard BBQ type LPG bottle).