Replacement AirStone

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Replacement AirStone

This is a 7" Diffuser AirStone with a 1/2" male NPT fitting that fits our AirStone Foot Valve which is also called a Backflow Valve as shown on this page.

The Outdoor Water Solutions AirStone is a critical component in successfully regenerating a pond or lake. The AirStone turns air into thousands of tiny bubbles so oxygen can dissolve into the water and improve its health. Diffusing air into the water can increase its effectiveness by over 1000% - This is definitely a secret ingredient for efficient aeration. Dimensions 2.25 x 7", 3.5 lbs.

Shallow or larger ponds may require multiple AirStone Diffuser Kits.
This replacement AirStone does not have any backflow protection. You should purchase a separate backflow valve if you don't already have one to use. You can click here to purchase.