Super Pond Dye – Five Gallons

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Super Pond Dye is an aesthetic pond and lake water color enhancer that also stops the suns harmful UV rays, which magnify through clear water. Helps Moss, Algae & Aquatic plants  flourish. Safe for fish, people, animals and your water eco system. Beautify your pond or lake with the brilliant blue color of Super Pond Dye today. Comes in 5 gallon 3x concentrated will treat 4,000,000 gallons of water 4 feet deep for 30 days!

  • NO Toxic Heavy Metals (NO Chromium, NO Lead & NO Manganese)
  • NO Algaecides
  • NO Herbicides
  • Super Strong Midnight Blue $295.00 ea. 5 gallon 
    Very dark looks look like natural water
  • Super Strong Blue $295.00 ea. 5 gallon
    lighter tropical blue