Texas Hunter Fish Feeder - 70 lb. Capacity

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Fishing is a favorite pastime for millions of Americans. But hand-feeding fish every day to maximize their growth can become less of a pleasurable hobby and more of a hassle. Texas Hunter Products offers a better solution; dependable fish feeders dispense feed regularly in any weather condition. You’ll help fish grow larger while also drawing them to your area.

As part of our premium fish feeder selection, this 70-pound-capacity fish feeder is uniquely built to draw fish in small lakes, ponds, and similar areas. With dual motors, optional solar charging, and a reliable digital timer you’ll find these fish feeders to be the most innovative in the industry.

Because the success of your fish-feeding program hinges on feeding fish accurately and reliably, This feeder has a Premium Digital Timer for long-term, maintenance-free operation. Feed times are very precise. Just set the timer for up to nine feed times per day and watch the fish come swarming to the spot. The timer features a battery tester, so you’ll know if your lake fish feeder is performing accurately at the push of a button. You can also test the feeder’s operation conveniently.

Texas Hunter fish feeders also make it easy to fill, refill and store your feed. The low profile is less than 4 feet tall, which means you can add food without straining to lift large feed bags. Once you’ve filled the feeder, the latch-on lid locks in place to prevent any animals from gaining access to your feed. From filling to feeding, each aspect of the lake fish feeder is designed to help you grow bigger fish faster.