½" Weighted Air Line (50' - 500')

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Thick rubberized self-sinking ½” air line to maximize air flow between any aeration system and the air diffusers. Typically we use ½" airline with all windmills, solar aerators, and medium distance runs with our electric aerators.

Highest quality self sinking rubberized airline for all pond and lake aeration. Buying in bigger rolls saves you from having to splice since you can cut to fit. This airline is guaranteed to sink and will insure optimal airflow between your aerator and diffusers with minimal friction loss on longer runs.


  • Thick, rubberized, self-sinking air line
  • Tube is weighted to keep air line on the bottom of pond
  • Works with all aeration systems
  • Maximizes air flow between any electric, solar or windmill aerator and air diffusers
  • Prevents tangling with fishing line, boat motors and more
  • High quality long life tubing