White Sturgeon

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One of the coolest fish in today's world; is the White Sturgeon. Fossils of these fish have been found dating back 200 million years ago. Perhaps a part that plays into the longevity of the species is that they have a lifespan of 100 years. Another playing part could be because they are anadromous, which means they spawn in freshwater rivers but will migrate out to sea. Sturgeon are hearty, gentle giants. An adult can reach 10' in length and over 1,000 lbs! White Sturgeon have a sucker mouth on their underside, and 4 long barbels (whiskers) that taste/sense food.

Catching a white sturgeon is sought after by many sportsmen. Even a small 20-pounder will put up a good fight. 

Caviar originates from Sturgeon. They lay up to 500,000 eggs, but very few eggs survive hatching. Caviar ranges anywhere from $40 - $700 per ounce.

White Sturgeon grow rapidly at about 12" per year during their first few years. Their meat goes for about $20 per pound; making it a delicacy!

Record length recorded: 20 ft.

Record weight recorded: 1,800 lbs.