Windmill & Electric Aerator Combo Package

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Want to aerate 24 hours a day but use the wind to help save you money and electricity?  Buy the package and save some money!

Our new Aerator Control Box lets you do everything you need in one convenient package! You can combine one of our Windmill Aeration Systems with an AerMaster electric aerator and a Control Box to do it all.

Our new Aerator Control Box utilizes an air pressure sensor to regulate your aeration needs. If the wind stops blowing, this control box will turn on your electric aeration system. If the wind blows, it shuts off your electric aerator allowing you to save money and electricity.

  • Package includes one of our 20′ Deluxe Windmills which includes 100′ poly tubing, 200′ weighted airline, 2 airstones with foot valves, 2 airstone housing buckets, 2 duck decoy markers, 1 2-way selector valve and hose connectors.
  • Package also includes our AerMaster Pro Series Electric Aerator and our Aerator Control Box
  • Easy to install. Just attach the “T” valve into your windmill airline, plug it in, then plug your electric aerator into the control box.
  • 15-second delay to prevent over-cycling.
  • You only need one airline running out to your pond. Both the windmill and electric aerator are connected to the same airline saving you money