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These fish (and Swans) love our fish food. The automatic fish feeders are great at doing their job, and they'll never miss a day!
All of our fish are pellet trained, use our food and feeders and your fish will thank you!

Browse our different feeder and food options below.


Automated Fish Feeder 90 lb. feed capacity 2 DC direct drive electric motors, 1 moves the feed out of holding hopper. The other motor throws the feed out up to 40’ Plug and play system for 12 volt battery solar panels ... more


Fishing is a favorite pastime for millions of Americans. But hand-feeding fish every day to maximize their growth can become less of a pleasurable hobby and more of a hassle. Texas Hunter ... more


Want to feed your fish for only pennies a day? Our new bug light fish feeder can do just that. A fluorescent light attracts all types of bugs, then a high-speed fan disables them and knocks them into the water to feed yo ... more


Want to provide a fun, profitable way to feed your fish? Use our 25¢ fish pellet dispenser! The machine dispenses a good handful of pellets each cycle. It makes it fun and easy for customers to throw healthy food for the fish, ... more



High Protein Premium fish food available. 40 lbs bags, selection ranges from 2.5 mm - 4.5 mm pellet size. ... more