Fish for Purchase

Our inventory changes throughout the year. Prices may fluctuate. Please call ahead to see what we have in stock and what our current prices are.

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• Fish are available for customer pick up if you have a current Utah COR permit. Please call ahead.

• Fish deliveries are available from our ponds to your ponds. From small to large orders of 50 to 50,000 fish. ($250 order minimum)

• Delivery rates: Small orders, $3.25 per loaded mile. Large orders, $2.50 per loaded mile. Remote locations or 4x4, $4.25 per loaded mile. We also offer a multiple customer rate, if there are 3 or more shipments nearby, we charge $2.25 per loaded mile

• Other sizing options available. Please call for more information.

What you need to know about stocking your pond in Utah:

• Ponds must have a screened inlet and outlet equipped to confine the size of fish being stocked.  In some Utah locations Sterile (Triploid) Trout may be required.

• Sterile (Triploid) Trout can be transported within the state of Utah without a Utah COR permit.

• Certificate of Registration (COR) permit is required to transport live aquatic animals in Utah. Please fill out the form and return it to your local DWR office.

• For more information on Utah private pond stocking, click here